Use This to Like Food You Cook

Jamaican spice is mostly used by all people of Jamaican but they do not know about its complete range of recipes. They can be used in Jamaican meals, beverage recipes, sauce recipe, salad recipe and chutney recipes. When preparing Jamaican Spices for meals, you can also consider dessert recipes as they are defined as standard Jamaican seasonings. These include onion powder, black peppers, pimento dust, scallion, sweet peppers, green peppers, scotch peppers, salt, crushed garlic, thyme, coconut, cinnamon, mace, cloves, ground ginger and crushed red peppers. Meals get a spicy taste by Jamaican seasonings. Great chefs will use right mixture. Good cooks ensure that Jamaican seasonings are cooked down with batter to ensure Jamaican seasonings such as onion rings are not left after meals. The moss’s recipes will use Jamaican seasonings such as nutmeg and most of the Jamaican beverage recipes use flavorings to create an extra taste over a beverage. One of the most popular Jamaican beverage recipes is shandy which involves the addition of Red Stripe beer.


Uses Great Flavorings

The Jamaican spices also use flavorings such as Jamaican white rum or cane juice to flavor, dips and sauces. Even onions, garlic and cinnamon are the most popular choices for flavoring Jamaican sauce recipes.

Jamaican salads and chutney recipes are dissimilar to Jamaican meal and beverage and sauce recipes do not involve a mixture of Jamaican spices, but in most cases, one flavor will get added up. The most important thing about Jamaican Island spices is out wisest choice. Use mild spices with small amount of pepper. It is the best way to confirm that everyone like meal in addition to Jamaican spices used in preparation. It means that you can prepare a meal and have sauces available for your guest to use at any point of time. It means that Jamaican spices are the best way to deliver Jamaican spices unless you prepare a Jamaican recipe for yourself.

Four Steps to Prepare Jamaican Recipes

Step 1: Place all spices, brown sugar, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, green onion, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper and soy sauce in a processor until they become smooth.

Step 2: If you use pork shoulder, based on its fat level, rub in.

Step 3: Marinate Overnight

Step 4: Enjoy seasoned food.


  • One should not handle scotch bonnet pepper without wearing plastic or latex gloves. Oil will cause irritation and burning to hands.
  • In order to get flavor, you can buy whole spices and then toast then lightly in a dry skillet until they began to give tantalizing aromas. After this, just mix them in a coffee grinder.
  • Remove the stems from peppers and if you want to decrease heat, also remove white membranes and seeds from inside.
  • When you are cooking with this, you should do it over grill.
  • Do not handle scotch bonnet peppers without wearing plastic gloves since oil cause irritation and burning.
  • This sauce will give heavy spice taste. You have to add garlic and peppers with awareness.

These are Jamaican Spices and tend to be followed to get the spicy foods.


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