Demystifying Common Myths about Canned Foods

The canned foods usage has increased considerably in the recent years due to the excellent benefits they offer such as convenience, price advantage, all season availability and long shelf life. However, some consumers tend to possess certain false perception about the canned foods and avoid or limit the usage of canned goods as a result of the misinformation. This is despite the fact that the canned goods are accepted and approved by premier food regulation authorities as long the canned food processing companies follow the guidelines developed by these control bodies. Consumers can buy canned goods without any fear and enjoy the many benefits offered by them. Canned products: common myths and facts

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Myth –I: Canned Foods Are Exceedingly Processed

Fact: In contrast to the traditional belief that the canned goods are highly processed, they are treated minimally within the stipulated limits prescribed by the food regulatory authorities. Superior quality Vegetables and fruits that are selected for the process are allowed to undergo peak ripeness and then cleaned and chopped in a local cannery and stored in air tight containers. They are heated in certain prescribed temperature to preserve the quality of contents till their expiry date.

Myths–II: Canned Foods Are Less Nutritious As Compared To Fresh Produces

Fact: Many international studies on food nutrition have dispelled the myth about fewer nutrition values in canned goods. In fact, these studies have time and again proved that the canned vegetables and fruits have more nutrition than the fresh produces as they are subjected to the immediate canning process while they are at their peak freshest and nutritious levels. On the other hand, the regular vegetables and fruits lose their freshness and nutrition level in the traveling process and storage.

Myth- III: Canned Products Contain High Level Of Preservatives

Another common myth among the misinformed people is that abnormally high levels of chemicals are used in processed foods and are not safe for use. While on the contrary, consumers can buy canned goods that are free of preservatives as per their preferences and requirements.

 Myth- IV: Canned Products Have High Levels Of Sodium

There are numerous canned foods are available in the market with minimum or no sodium content. The advanced techniques used in the modern canned products require very less salt or sodium for preservation and are quite safe for almost all individuals. Also, many studies have proved that the draining and rinsing process involved in the production of canned foods results in more than 40% reduction in the sodium content.


The Significant Health Advantages of Adding Spices to Food

Spices are added to provide flavor and taste to the food and have also proven health benefits that allow keeping consumers a healthy life. Numerous varieties are available in spices segment and the food lovers add different spices in their daily diet that suit their tastes and requirements. They come as dried forms of seeds, fruits, roots, barks or leaves and offer distinct tastes to different delicacies. Although more than 500 varieties of spices are known to be available around the world, around 50 types of spices are commonly used in many countries based on their food culture and taste preferences.

 A good online spice store will have the availability of these different varieties that are superior in quality and can be purchased at a much competitive price than the typical grocery store.

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Some of the Excellent Benefits That Can Be Attained By Adding These Ingredients in the Food Include

  • Spices have proven antimicrobial properties and can fight against common infections.
  • Spices are an excellent source of improving the body’s immune system in a natural way.
  • Some species of Spices can fight against cancer and can improve overall heart health.
  • They are known to induce sweat, reduce inflammation and increase digestion.
  • Spices have proven benefits to improve various skin conditions and can maintain healthy skin.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties provided by the some varieties of spices can help the consumer to protect gums and teeth, thereby maintaining proper oral health.
  • These are good sources of calcium and are quite beneficial for strengthening bones.
  • Spices added in food are an excellent detoxification agent and can help the body to remove harmful toxins.
  • The spices can improve the appetite and quite helpful in regulating metabolism.
  • Spices are a splendid source of numerous antioxidants that are very beneficial for improving heart health, blood circulation, regulating body temperature and better skin health.
  • Regular consumption of healthy spices can provide beneficial effects to fight against stress and help the consumers to livea fit and active life.
  • They have potent cholesterol-reducing properties, and their regulation consumption can reduce body weight.
  • Spices have good medicinal properties to maintain proper hormonal balance in the body.

The multiple health benefits can be achieved by incorporating spices regularly in food items that also adds flavor and good taste to the food. A renowned online spice store is a viable source of procuring a broad range of spices for food enthusiasts to lead a tasty and healthy life.

The Role of Fruit Juices for Appreciative Weight Loss

Obesity is common problem afflicting many younger generations and weight loss is a massive challenge for all obese men and women and requires high determination and attitude from every obese individual. Obesity is linked to a majority of health problems and all chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems and arthritis. Lifestyle changes and exercises are predominantly used by numerous over- weight people to cut down their excess fat deposited in the body.


Dietary modifications also play a significant role in bringing these individuals to reduce weight and stay healthy and active. Many fruit juices have been proved to result in significant weight loss and are commonly advised by the majority of fitness centers as a natural way of the decreasing the excess weight. The obese person must choose the best fruit juice to drink to effect a desired reduction in the body mass and must follow the consumption on a daily basis to attain appreciable results in a less period.

Some of the best fruit juice in weight loss program

Fruit juices alone cannot yield a desirable outcome in many individuals and must be consumed in addition to the other weight loss regimens like exercise, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications.

Carrot and Grapefruit juice

Carrot has very fewer calorie contents and is rich in fiber content that makes a preferred choice of individuals wishing to decrease their weight. The beneficial effects of carrot are well documented as they are proven to provide fullness to the stomach and prevent unnecessary cravings thereby halting the weight gain process. Grapefruit juice consumed after a meal will cut down the calorie contents significantly. Therefore, a combination of these two fruit smoothies can help the obese individual to burn calories fast and achieve healthy weight reduction in quick time.

Pineapple and Cucumber Juice

Pineapple is rich in water and fiber content and is very useful to suppress the appetite and prevent craving for unhealthy foods. Cucumber is a wonder vegetable that is rich in water and low sodium content thereby offering amazing benefits in natural weight loss by reducing bloating and retention of water. Juice made with both the fruits is an ideal weight loss regimen with excellent health benefits.

Apart from these, fruits like watermelon, apple and kiwi fruits also produce significant weight loss, and the obese person has to choose the best fruit juice to drink that can yield real satisfactory results.