Vast Presence of Medicinal Herbs in Caribbean Island

An herb available in Caribbean Island is known as Caribbean herbs. This island is considered to be one of the 34 bio diversity spots in the world. Biodiversity is a spot with more number of medicinal plants. It has various purposes and responsibilities with medicinal applications. However it is famous for its application in folklore and oral tradition. Most of the medicinal plants are originated from this Island. For Example, Ginger, Turmeric and Sorrel are most familiar for its planting throughout Island. Besides these, there are some other plants which are famous for its origin in the region well famous for traditional applications, but it is not much popular. The best medicinal characteristic contained in Caribbean herbs is aloe Vera being famous for its laxative effects. It still ash application towards treatment of asthma and cold. It is also suitable for treatment of wounds and burns. The other herb being well known for laxative effect is senna. Cocus Nucifera is well known for its massage for rubbing and also for scalp massage, since it is having ability to treat baldness in the beginning period. Coffee is well known for its vast application in spa products including ground coffee beans in body scrubs and other detoxification treatments. The coffee planted from this region well known for its name blue mountain label. Cocoa from this region is also considered to be unique. Spice known as Myristica Fragrans is being more popular in Grenada and having large quantities in Asia. It has vast application in pain relief. It also has been considered to be most important ingredient favored to cooking.


More Application of Herbs

Lemon Grass is having different flavor towards cooking. In Caribbean island, it is being used for fevers. Seamoss is well famous to apply in punches. Being as one among the Caribbean herbs, turmeric is well known for its cooking feature. It is more famous for its skin related treatments. According to the research, it has been shown that the turmeric has ability to act as anti-oxidant. It can be combined with milk to treat fever. Hibiscus is more popular for its anti hypertensive properties. This fruit should not be used to be escaped from side effects. It is being used in ice-creams and punches for its full of flavor. There are some kinds of fruits available at this island like Guava, Mango, Passion Flower, Pomegranate, Scerola and Acai. Though these can be obtained in many tropical regions, these are well famous for its planting in this Island. Pomegranate is well known for its anti-oxidant properties. Hence it is also called super anti-oxidants. They will slow down the process of radical damage.

Pomegranate in Cosmetics

It is famous for its cosmetics products, nutraceutical products and functional food products. This region is fragmented and still has various valuable plant resources. These are not only used in India, but also in U.K. That is, these have been used everywhere in the world. Though all kinds of herbs obtained in this island can be obtained from several places, it is not proved to be having all medicinal properties as like in island. A scientific research is going on to show the credibility to behave as traditional purpose.


Some of the Facts about Caribbean Herbs

The Caribbean region is considered as a holiday spot and tourists throng these islands for the sun and beaches.  The Caribbean is also the hotpots for medicinal plants and herbs.  The use of those herbs is told in their folklore and oral tradition, which renders it difficult to distinguish the real benefits and myth.  Herbs like ginger and turmeric were brought into this region by early visitors.  There are many indigenous herbs and those have different common names or local names depending on the language spoken there.  So it is important that the scientific name of each of those herbs is identified and then we can think on harnessing its benefits.


There are very many indigenous Caribbean herbs like Aloe Vera, Coffee Arabica, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa), Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg), Cymbopogon citratus (Fevergrass also known as Lemongrass), Gracilaria species (Seamoss), Annonamuricata (Soursop), etc.  Some are also available in other parts of the world, but those are exploited in this region as they grow in abundance because of the climate and soil.  Those herbs mentioned above are a mix of medicinal, food items, and cytotoxic herbs.  Annonamuricata (Soursop) especially is a herb which has cytotoxic properties and has been used in cancer treatment.  Nutmeg is used world over, but in Caribbean they have been mentioned in their folklore and used extensively in their cuisine.  Curcuma longa (Turmeric) originating fromIndia is good for skin conditions and very healthy and now has noteworthy scientific evidence to prove its medicinal properties.  It is used extensively in cooking also.  We know coconut palms grow near beaches and this region is no exception.  Coconut oil is considered as massage oil especially in the scalp region.  Gracilaria species (Seamoss) has aphrodisiac properties and is also used to treat hypertension, gout, goitre and gallstones. It is also a rich source of vitamin and mineral nutrients. It is used in severalproducts as a detoxifying agent.

Some fruits which are not just available in Caribbean region like Guava, Pomegranate, etc. have several medicinal and nutritional qualities like antioxidant property.  The leaves of guava and mango have several medicinal qualities also.

In the small region of Caribbean islands there is a plentiful source of much valuable flora resource. There are several still to be identified and undiscovered flora in this region which may prove to be useful at a later date. At some day it is possible that their folkloric claims may prove to be true. Truly exotic Caribbean region!